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For the last few days, I have been thinking about my approach to this piece, and though I have built my brand on being completely honest and raw, I feel as though another angle is needed. I will still be completely honest, but I do not want my honesty to come off as bitterness because, truthfully, I am in a really good place in my life and career. The space I am in has afforded me the ability to speak candidly about the state of Atlanta’s African American fine art scene with clear eyes and a clear voice. For nearly 20 years, I have dedicated myself to my craft as a multi-disciplinary artist in Atlanta. I have experienced local and national levels of success as a spoken word artist, painter,

Stein Calls Flood Relief Unfair and Uneven

Special to the Maynard Report from Cascade Press Jill Stein, following a tour of Denham Springs, Louisiana this week, said she witnessed firsthand the unfair and uneven flood relief efforts. Stein's remarks were made during a Tuesday, August 23rd press conference at the National Press Club in the District of Columbia. Denham Springs, Louisiana, population of roughly 10,000 people was hit hard by the recent flooding. However, Stein said she did not see any evidence of a recovery effort in the Black section of Denham Springs that she toured. "There was no recovery, no services," the Green Party presidential hopeful stated. Stein is speaking out about the lack of relief resources in poor sectio


(ATLANTA, GA) August 24, 2016. Maya Dillard Smith is the former Chief Executive of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Georgia who found herself caught in the crossfire of the transgender bathroom debate a few months ago as the issue took center stage in national headlines over North Carolina’s HB2 “transgender bathroom bill.” Today, in an op-ed entitled Federal Court’s Denial of Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Directive a Win for Everyone Dillard Smith writes, “The Federal Court’s just gave the green light for a broader conversation.” She adds, “The question now is will it be civil?” Dillard Smith has been demanding a broader conversation of all the rights being implicated under the

Black Business & Black Churches

I have been thinking about this topic for years, and now I am ready to write about it. How do I find and somehow wrap pretty language around some ugly experiences? As I think about how much better Black America could be if the majority of black churches took more of an active role in the growth of the community at-large including support of black-owned businesses, I get excited by the thought. While I cannot speak for all black churches of course, I can speak about my professional experience with black churches. At times, I have been amazed, and also disgusted by the negligence, bullying, and predatory tactics used by these churches to gain an advantage when doing business. But, those experi

Legendary Journalist, Black Press Columnist George Curry Remembered as Champion of Civil Rights

Renowned civil rights and Black political journalist George E. Curry, the dean of Black press columnists because of his riveting weekly commentary in Black newspapers across the country, is being remembered this week as a legend. Curry died suddenly of heart failure on Saturday, August 20. He was 69. "He stood tall. He helped pave the way for other journalists of color to do their jobs without the questions and doubts," said the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. with whom Curry traveled extensively, including to the funeral of President Nelson Mandela. "He was a proud and tireless advocate of the Black press, serving two tours as editor-in-chief of the National Newspaper Publishers Association's ne

The Death of A Nation: A letter to Nate Parker

A letter to Nate Parker By OKEEBA JUBALO I am sure at this point in time you are living within a deadly hurricane of other people’s words and opinions about who you are. Honestly it is fair to say that our view of who you are may not reflect the reality of your now inner-workings on a spiritual or maturity level. You are now learning that a Black Man will always be guilty first and whatever other title we hope for may come after that. You and many of us know the details of your court proceedings from that rape case and even the terrible way that you and your partner in crime handled that young lady afterwards. The harassment that followed is a true reflection of who you were and what you sto

Birth of a Nation and why it must be shown.

Birth of a Nation and why it must be shown Part of being a Black conservative is that you naturally know that liberals don’t want freedom nor information to flow to Black people and everything they do will eventually come back to haunt you. Take for example the new movie “Birth of a Nation”. This movie written, produced, directed and starred in by Nate Parker is now running into some speedbumps after being sold to Fox Searchlight. Apparently, when Mr. Parker was in college he and friend were accused of raping a student after a night of drinking. He was found not guilty and his friend and co writer Jean Celestin was tried and convicted, appealed the verdict and was cleared because the victim

A Message To My Elders

These words are coming to you from an honest place with the best intentions. My truth is simple and straight to the point- I need your help. As a forty year-old Black Man who has worked endlessly to create financially lucrative avenues for our people I am now at the place of humbly asking for your help. We are at a fork in the road and my generation does not have what we need to move ourselves up the ladder. Your generation was able to capitalize on a number of affirmative action programs rolled out by the American government, but those streams of opportunities have dried up for my generation. With all of our integrated years behind us there is a new and harder road ahead of us. I speak as a

Remembering Julian Bond

Friends, One year ago today we lost Julian Bond; not just we who knew and loved him, but our nation as well. Here below are some comments from last year’s news reports honoring his passing. Angelo Fuster "Julian Bond was a hero and, I'm privileged to say, a friend. Justice and equality was the mission that spanned his life. Julian Bond helped change this country for the better." President Barack Obama “Bond's legacy will be as a lifetime struggler. He started when he was about 17 and he went to 75. And I don't know a single time when he was not involved in some phase of the civil rights movement.” Andrew Young “Bond's life traced the arc of the civil rights movement, from his efforts a

The Truth About US

Black folks have been praying to the white man’s God for hundreds of years and voting for the white man or his puppets for decades. The truth about US is that we are in trouble, deep trouble. Our inability to NOT believe in the white man’s fairytales has US in a state of delusion that will surely end with our heads on a stick. From the Easter bunny to Santa Claus to St. Patrick’s Day to Valentine’s Day to Obama to Jay Z on up to a white Jesus…we believe in the white man’s fairytales more than sound logic. Sound logic is terrifying because it would force us to deal with white America in a more honest and direct way. Black folks clearly can’t stomach logic so we go for illogical approaches to

Dillard Gets “Green Light” to Qualify as Write In Candidate for Rockdale County Chairman

(CONYERS, GA) What a difference a day makes. Last Tuesday businessman and community leader Courtney Dillard, an influential Democrat and popular pastor, was declared ineligible to run as an Independent candidate for Rockdale County Commission Chairman. He failed to get the required 2,534 verifiable voter signatures for his name to go the November ballot. Dillard’s campaign team says it has not given up on receiving copies of the 1,134 signatures in question. Dillard and others dispute the “bizarre” decision. “It’s a slap in the face to Rockdale voters,” opines conservative political commentator Shelly Wynter. “In a time when the voters are looking at two highly unpopular choices for presi

A Few Words on the Election

I want to offer a few words about our upcoming presidential election to be held on November 8, 2016. The reason I only need a few words – 5 to be exact – to say my say is that I am not interested in arguing a position, promoting a specific candidate or platform or discussing the record of our current president, the ever amazing Barack Obama. I have only one mission between now and Election Day and that is to make sure everybody I know is ready to vote. That means, you have registered, checked the location of your current polling place and secured the necessary ID to vote in your state/territory/district. It also means ordering an absentee ballot now if there is even the remotest chance you m

Black Men and Depression

Truth. Most Black Men fight with and fight through some levels of depression. We live in a place that is not designed for us to thrive and in most cases...not even survive.Think about it. From grade school Black boys are punished for just being Black boys. We are pushed out of our classrooms and into detention or some lower level classrooms. High school...same thing. College...same thing...if you make it to college. Workplace...pushed out. Homes...pushed out. Prison...pushed in. Drug trade...pushed in. Street life...pushed in. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a father in this place who can guide you through this maze of are in deep trouble. Our mothers and the women aroun

Kwanza Hall confirms he is running for Mayor; Shirley Franklin suggests she might run for Mayor agai

It’s on and popping! The 2017 Atlanta mayor’s race is heating up, and the field of candidates is growing exponentially. After months of speculation Councilman Kwanza Hall admitted he “is definitely” running to become the 60th mayor of Atlanta in 2017. “I’m telling you now that I am definitely going to run,” Hall told WSB – TV newsman Craig Lucie in Philadelphia during an interview at the Democratic National Convention. The potent and personable District 2 Councilman was a Georgia delegate. He added, “I just haven’t announced it yet,” When contacted since his return home to Atlanta this week, Councilman Hall confirmed to The Maynard Report: “I’m telling you this straight-up. The answer is y

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