Love Beyond Walls: One Man's Modern Day March on Washington

I saw myself in the tapestry of Freedom Fighters and civil rights fighters. I felt like I was a part of that fabric – Terence Lester Terence Lester represents the new generation of civil and human rights activism. Dr. Martin King and SCLC called for the Poor People’s Campaign in 1968. It was carried out under the leadership of Ralph Abernathy in the wake of King's assassination. The campaign demanded economic and human rights for poor Americans of diverse backgrounds. This summer the 33-year-old Lester, and his wife Cecilia, trekked 648 miles to Washington in their own personal Poor People’s against poverty. He began following a news conference and prayer service at the front door of SCLC

Janis Ware’s Mechanicsville Cityside Project Initiative aims to create homeownership opportunities f

Janis Ware is the consummate community housing guru. Her professional prowess has saved and changed the Mechanicsville community. “I would use the term transforming to make it a community people would really love to live in and not a community of last resort,” she says. “That’s been hard work. Over the years we have done small projects, strategically placed so that you could drive through the community and see a change.” For the past 25 years the polished publisher and entrepreneur as been executive director the SUMMECH Community Development Corporation, which some have called a godsend. Independently and in partnership with for-profit developers Ware has built more than 1300 homes. That

Minister Louis Farrakhan: “All Politics are Local and Our Black elected officials are Corrupt” A Com

Minister Louis Farrakhan came to Atlanta for the 21st Day of Atonement speech and his presence was politically profound. This was a huge deal for Atlanta and especially Mosque #15’s Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad, Southern Regional Representative of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam. To make it even more significant, it was held in Atlanta’s venerable Fox Theatre to a sold out audience. Now I want to point out here that every space was filled with a brother or sister. The second level had folks everywhere. The lobby was filled with brothers talking business, making plans for next steps. Sisters were moving about with purpose and a job to do. What I did not see

Meet the Millennial Vote

I am an old millennial, one who just barely squeezes into the age category. I graduated high school in 2000. My first presidential election was Bush vs. Gore – a rigged election with widespread allegations of electoral voting machine manipulation and a dubiously-legal intervention of the Supreme Court to stop the pivotal Florida vote count, followed by the Democrat’s spineless concession to the decision. I am part of a generation who has lived, formatively, through the experiences of the Princeton oligarchy study that demonstrated unequivocally that rich people get what they want from Congress, while the rest of us get ignored. I’ve seen, year after year, political pandering to the wealthy a

Savannah Rev. Chester Ellis Blasts Gov. Deal’s OSD Meeting of Black Pastors as a Bogus “Indiana Jone

Governor Nathan Deal is working hard to sell the Georgia electorate on voting in favor of OSD. That is the Opportunity School District constitutional amendment proposal on the ballot in November authorizing “the state to step in to assist chronically failing public schools and rescue children languishing in them.” He recently made a strong pitch to a group of 29 African American faith leaders from across the state, but it may have backfired. That’s the considered opinion of at least one of the preachers attending the afternoon briefing on September 15th. Rev. Chester Ellis, the 67-year-old pastor of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Savannah says Gov, Deal convened the meeting because h

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