December 28, 2019


“The work that we do is so important, because these are our kids.  We can no longer ac...

October 18, 2019

“The very serious function of racism is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining over and over again your reason for be...

September 18, 2019

“I would jump up and down and say hallelujah if Gov. Kemp picked Cory Ruth,”                

--Shelley Wynter, polit...

September 1, 2019

Meet an Atlanta teenage track and field phenom who is poised to become an U.S. Olympic Gold Medal winning superstar speedster. She’s Kayleigh Stargell...

September 1, 2019

“I’m running for the U.S. Senate against Lindsey Graham, which is no small order, but it’s necessary. I’m pushing an economic justice agenda to take d...

July 29, 2019

It was yet another eye-opening, enriching and educational experience in Maurice Clarett’s metamorphosis. This July speaking appearance was a new wrink...

December 31, 2018

This has not been a happy holiday season for Feiji and Erika McKay.  Quite the opposite.  They are stressed, distraught, fearful and financially drain...

September 12, 2018

“If the state takes over the airport, it will be devastating to black contractors. That was the lynchpin of Maynard Jackson’s building of the black co...

September 4, 2018

“We need to turn our race around. I want Aretha’s life to be immortalized, not left at the graveyard” - Rev. Jasper Williams


The international c...

August 30, 2018

Image by Okeeba Jubalo for NobleSol Art Group

“You know how many people would die to preach Aretha’s funeral! What an honor.” – Dr. Joseph Williams pro...

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