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What year did you become a member of Delta Sigma Theta?

What is the name of the chapter where you were initiated and what is your line name?

Spring 2002 Iota Sigma Synergy


What attracted you to the sorority?

I witnessed ladies on my campus exhibit qualities I respected and aspired to exemplify.  Most of them had what I considered hard majors, always seen working, for others and for themselves; beautifully and elegantly.


What did you learn from becoming a Delta that has been instrumental to your success as an entrepreneur?

Everything is figureoutable.  That was 20 plus years before Marie Forleo wrote the book lol No is not the end; it’s just a delay.  With God and community, especially sisterhood, whatever you set your mind to, it is yours! 


How has the Delta network impacted you as a business owner?

It’s because of my sorority sisters that I was able to heal and grow past limiting beliefs enough to successfully step into the role of entrepreneurship.  Some have opened doors to opportunities, others reserved a seat at the table for me, so many others have supported me in many different facets. All of which has equipped and empowered me to walk and prosper in purpose. 


What is the name of your business and what do you do? 

Jateya Jones Consulting and I help entrepreneurs overwhelmed with a multitude of world changing ideas, develop a Plan to W.I.N. critical to master entrepreneurship w/ less effort & stress. 


How do you use your business to live out the five point thrust of our sorority? 

Most of my services provide educational and professional development in order to create ripple of economic development for my clients and theirs.  Grateful to have helped women on 6 of the 7 continents transition dreams into reality; not just in businesses, but also personally. My approach is holistic.  We cannot feed if we are not fed. Meaning, if we are not our best selves, we cannot truly assist others in any capacity.  Therefore, I encourage a spirit of “Self-First.” Because, self-first is not selfish and is imperative to success. 


What does it mean for you to give back?

It’s imperative. There have been so many that extended a helping hand for me over the years. Rather through mentorship, advice, support, and or encouragement, I appreciate it from the depths of my soul. I can’t thank them enough and therefore choose to pay it forward. I know first-hand that it’s the smallest things that can impact someone’s life. Therefore, I will always do what I can to do my part.  


Why should people do business with you?

If you are seeking genuine support and a custom approach to your need, I am here for you.  For years, I waisted money on “coaches” providing templates they purchased elsewhere.  None of which got to the root of my specific issue.  Therefore, I view each client as the unique individual God made them to be and not just a copy of the last. My proven method remains the same, but it’s designed to deliver a custom experience and outcome. I love guiding entrepreneurs overwhelmed with a multitude of world changing ideas towards clarity in identifying your superpower, building community, and mastering entrepreneurship with less effort and stress. 

When we become Deltas our goal is to make the sorority proud, to become a notable Delta. What are you doing or have you done that has you on the path to becoming a notable Delta, what accomplishment are you the most proud for people to know about? 

I am a global speaker, coach, and author, shifting business culture, paving the way for purpose-driven multi-passionate and multi-skilled to shine as the visionaries they are; together creating a massive wave of impact and prosperity. 

Which Delta inspires you and why? (this does not have to be “famous” person) 

Honestly, there are too many to name, but I would be remised not to thank Dethra U. Giles for her courage and obedience to show up as her authentic self.  She has always been a living example of excellence and inspiration for me.

Give three words that describe your impact on the globe.

Intentional. Unapologetic. Transformational.

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