My name is Devin Campbell. I am the Founder & Managing Director for Prescribed Meals and Coaching. Prepscribed Meals provides residents of Atlanta with nutritional coaching, meal plans, and meal prep services that are customized and planned to meet the specific lifestyle design of our members. As a former collegiate basketball player and a fitness industry professional with over 20 years experience in the Health Management industry, I have assisted many people in their pursuit to live better through healthier habits and fulfilled roles in Sales, Personal Training, Management, District Management and Owner.

What is our industry and why did it appeal to us?


Nutrition being the most important variable in one’s journey, has often been pushed aside in the industry. My members were noticeably frustrated with finding, let alone understanding what diet was best for them. 

Some of the most common responses were:

  • I don’t have time.

  • I don’t know what to eat.

  • I don’t like to cook.

My passion for truly wanting to help people reach and maintain their goals pushed me in the new direction of Nutrition. I wanted to provide an option that was healthy, customized, delicious and convenient for members to match better with their goals. We are not just serving food. Our process assists people develop a relationship with food to compliment an active regimen.


How have we managed the current state of America’s Economy?


Prepscribed opened in October of 2019 and we have operated almost exclusively during the pandemic. As we offer weekly delivery every Sunday, our members don’t have to leave the comfort and safety of their home to enjoy our services. While the pandemic has hit us all hard, functionally it has made our operations appear more beneficial. Which it is.


What system have we put in place to manage the impact of Covid?


We have enhanced all of our service operations to ensure the safety of our team and our members to include contactless delivery and video and phone consultations.


How did we market our services and products?


Our services are currently marketed on various social media channels such as IG (@Prepscribed), FB (Prepscribed Meals) as well as other ad campaigns such as Google. Our best marketing comes from word of mouth and our referral program. Members receive recurring weekly savings for every week someone they’ve referred orders.

What is our biggest challenge?


Our biggest challenge right now is growth and transitioning during the pandemic. There are many moving variables to our business and an explosion of “growth” can happen at any time. Our product truly services almost everyone so a carefully designed strategy is needed to scale effectively.


Who was our greatest teacher and what has been our greatest learning experience?


My greatest learning experience has come from my background in the fitness industry and understanding the membership model and industry stats and numbers.  Prepscribed is my second Meal Prep company so having had prior experience and insight on everything has been a huge benefit.

You should expect to hear about Prepscribed Meals and Coaching. Our aim is not to be the biggest, but rather the best solution for our members.

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