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Once a concept has been completed and sent to the client any changes requested by the client are considered a revision. A revision can include multiple changes to the concept. It is best for the client and his or her team to review the design in a timely fashion and submit all requested revisions in one communication. Once submission has been processed, client’s revision will be counted as such.




A "concept" is an original design generated by the NSAG design team. A completed concept will be a computer-generated design with all the details, such as the background, color scheme, and image, clearly depicted. Clients will be presented with drafts of the concept for review. If the client does not have a clear idea for his or her design, then it is best to purchase a package with multiple concepts and revisions.


Mock (or Mock-up)


A close-to-reality rendition of a project. This is often used in packaging design to show how a proposed design would look on a box or other type of package. It is used to give the client/stakeholders a better idea of the final product. It can also be used in web design to show a rough approximation of what the final website would look like in a screen shot of a browser.


Office hours


Monday-Thursday 9am to 6pm and Friday 9am to 12pm. There is a minimum of 24 hours to complete all revisions. Revision times may vary depending upon the scope of the changes requested. Work may be completed in less than 24 hours, but may incur additional costs to client. Any additional fees will be stated at the time of the time of request.




Please streamline communication with NSAG and only forward emails pertaining to specific requests for NSAG. Only those responsible for the payment of invoices should request revisions or additional services. All requests will be invoiced and processed as.

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