Own the Vision Academy is an education platform connecting experiential students and teachers, but more than that, it is a correction to an outdated model. We see the faults of our system through the solutions we seek and the products we make. At one point in time there was a system designed to both prepare and insure you for individual success. It was called higher education and it did not deliver on its promises. You should have been allowed to get a degree from a university that certified that you did in fact receive an education which gave you knowledge which you will then apply to your desired vocation. That was the promise, that was the deal, that was the vision. Unfortunately, what was not explicitly stated was who’s vision would you be following. You were not told the eligibility requirements of the person who was to execute your vision, you were sold one vision from one perspective, and that perspective is old. 


The people who do the thing are no longer the people that teach you how to do the thing. That is why Jason Warner, CEO of Own the Vision Academy, suggested a different model based on the simple belief that “lived experience is more important than theoretical knowledge and everyday people have stories to tell” and developed a platform to prove that point. When speaking to Mr. Warner more about his vision for the platform he highlighted the great point that “the Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world can’t teach because they don’t have the credentials to teach” despite being the premiers in their field. Couple that with the fact there are tenured professors who have been out of the workforce for decades tasked with preparing students for a world of which they no longer have relevant, experiential knowledge. Their information is outdated but they are arbiters of a piece of paper necessary to move up the ranks even if it isn’t even enriching you or aligning with the reality of your work. The current higher education and accreditation systems have handcuffed dated professors with expired syllabi to students looking for a tangible return on their investment and that is an unsustainable model. 


OTV Academy aims to correct what has gone wrong by giving the platform back to the experiential students and teachers of the everyday. The information you can learn through OTV Academy includes information that isn’t taught in a traditional classroom despite being part of many peoples’ everyday life. In addition to your career or vocation things such as maintaining a household, communicating with a spouse, or raising a child are just as if not more important, but these skills aren’t often taught or made accessible. Furthermore, these are life subjects you would want to learn from people who actually do it and have real world experience to support and validate the information they are providing you. 


OTV Academy’s platform model incorporates and addresses these concerns with tangible solutions and accommodations. Lessons can be filmed and uploaded from a smartphone removing the skill and technological obstacles that can inhibit content creation. OTV Academy even allows instructors opportunities to earn passive and residual income from the knowledge they are providing as opposed to other platforms that put up obstacles to prevent content creators and instructors from monetizing their content. Education can be a costly endeavor in terms of both time and money, and this applies to both student and instructor. When you attend an institution of higher learning oftentimes you are paying for much more than the practical information you would receive. Instead you are paying for the maintenance of a larger, flawed institution. 


The removal of these costs and obstacles are what separates OTV Academy from other similar platforms while simultaneously raising the question of why these costly, antiquated models not only still exist but are widely supported. There are benefits to setting up elaborate systems designed to maintain control over both the knowledge you need to know and who is then eligible to receive that knowledge. The problem is that you are not the intended benificiary. The system that benefits from a fixed vision of the past cannot be an investor in the future. The system that prepares you for a job that does not exist cannot be the one that determines what you should know. Instead, Own the Vision and invest in a platform that will teach you what you need to learn for tomorrow, taught by the people who did it yesterday.  

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