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Charleston, South Carolina is a city steeped in historic culture. There is no denying that from the steps of the United States Custom House to the war-ravaged walls of Fort Sumter, Charleston has many stories to tell.


Enter a local kid, Okeeba Jubalo, who left his beloved hometown of North Charleston to hone his artistic skills and build his branding agency, NobleSol Art Group, which is also the parent company of the renowned Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine. Jubalo has returned home after 30 years to tell the story in a way that it hasn’t been told, from a point of view that has not been seen, until now.

“Art saved my life,”, are words spoken by Jubalo during the speech made at the opening of his Fine Art gallery. His heart was on his sleeve as he spoke these words and reminisced over the times he was struggling to find his way as a gangly kid growing up in Charleston. 


The Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery is the culmination of years of fine-tuning a talent that has led the owner and resident artist back home. Jubalo is a man that is led by his passion for Fine Art and his passion for truth which are eclipsed, by his passion for telling the story of the struggle of his people. Okeeba Jubalo is an artistic force to reckoned with.

The Long Way Home, which is the topic of his exhibition, is a definite disruptor. The art pieces on display are there to pull you out of your comfort zone. This exhibit is meant to provoke thought and emotion; The exhibit is there to tell the stories of those that were forgotten, lost, stolen, left, abused, misused, and degraded. Observing the faces of the patrons as they take this exhibit in there is one thing that brings them all together, regardless of age, sex, or color, they have questions, thoughts, and feelings that are evoked only by the images on display. There are black and white photographs of mixed media paintings and sculptures. Each piece could stand alone but, the pieces together are making a bold statement and that statement is that this is not just an exhibit, this is a movement.


Black excellence in Charleston is the movement and sentiment echoed in the statement of one of the people in partnership with the gallery, LaToya Crawford. “This is just the beginning,” Crawford says as she explains that partnering with Jubalo is to give the platform for others to grow in and see the excellence that the black folks of Charleston have to offer. 


The Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery co-owner and Jubalo’s wife, Kat Brown gave a thought-evoking speech that made everyone listen closely and open their hearts. during the opening that applies to their gallery and can be used in all areas of art. She said when you take pictures of the art and selfies with the sculptures to post to your social media accounts, “Include the names of the artists.”  Artists aren’t paid to produce the art so, “this is critical” she explains for some artists to be able to continue to create their works.  Other ways to show support are to donate to the artist and make a plan to purchase a piece of art on display. Art is for everyone to enjoy and admire. 


The Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery is a top-tier art gallery in the Charleston area. Jubalo, an artist himself, ensures he places other artists at the forefront. Although there is a myriad of ways to support artists such as sharing their work on social media and going to local art events, using the power of your dollars will go a long way. 


When you arrive at Jubalo’s gallery and see the amazing artwork on display, you won’t have a second thought about purchasing a piece that will fit your space. Whether you want to exhibit the artwork in your home, your office space, or if you want to give it as a gift, you will be glad that you bought an authentic piece of artwork.



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