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What year did you become a member of Delta Sigma Theta?

What is the name of the chapter where you were initiated and what is your line name?

I, Latasha Brown Baird, became a member of Delta Sigma Theta in Spring 1992.  I was initiated in the Iota Chi Chapter of University of South Carolina--Columbia. My line name is Inquisitive #27. 


What attracted you to the sorority?

I was attracted to Delta because of their involvement in public service and sisterhood displayed. 


What did you learn from becoming a Delta that has been instrumental to your success as an entrepreneur?

I have learned the meaning of “Fortitude” in becoming a Delta which has been instrumental in helping me endure as a Young Black Entrepreneur who is the owner of a Mental Health Group Practice. Fortitude and Faith are the foundation principles that helped my business withstand the negative impact of Covid 19 Pandemic and allowed us to increase our capability to help hundreds of people who also were negatively impacted to manage unexpected lifestyle changes and deaths that occurred rapidly without a known ending.  We believe no one has to do life alone and our caring counselors were able to help others during one of the difficult times our world has faced. Our motto “Teaming Together for Excellence” creates unity and provides a platform for us to be our best and provide quality services to the community.  


How has the Delta network impacted you as a business owner?

The Delta network has significantly impacted me as a business owner as it was a Soror who encouraged me to go into private practice at an earlier time than I had on my long-term goal plan and to start my practice in an out of state location NC, before combining my NC and SC offices into one location in 2019. 


What is the name of your business and what do you do? 

The name of my business is Brown Clinical Services. We offer counseling services to address the emotional, behavioral, and mental well-being of children, adults, family, and couples. 


How do you use your business to live out the five point thrust of our sorority? 

I use my business to carry out the five-point thrust of our sorority by providing services to individuals, communities, and companies through education, training, consulting, community service, etc., regarding the importance of mental health wellness focusing on the cost/benefit analysis approach. When we are mentally healthy, we can positively impact our community, economy, and the world on many different levels that allow individuals to functioning at the highest level of competency and emotional intelligence. 


What does it mean for you to give back?

It means a lot to give back to the community to be a ‘bridge builder’ and setting an example for others to follow by demonstrating we all have ‘supply’ to give via time, resources, talents, and money to make our community, state, and world a better place to live and thrive.  Additionally, giving back models the concept of life as a “race” which we all can participate in through giving and passing of the “baton” to the next individual, company, group, organization, generation to create a ‘win-win’ for our community and world! 


Why should people do business with you?

We believe people should do business with us because of our commitment to excellence and providing quality, professional services to all. We care about people’s overall wellness and understand when we all function at our best we win together at life! 

When we become Deltas our goal is to make the sorority proud, to become a notable Delta. What are you doing or have you done that has you on the path to becoming a notable Delta, what accomplishment are you the most proud for people to know about? 

The accomplishment that I’m most proud of is having the capability to stay open for business during Covid 19 Pandemic as a small business owner when so many big companies had to close. We, as healthcare workers, were able to overcome many challenges and changes in a short period of time to continue our goal of providing quality professional services during one of the worst healthcare crises in the world. 

Which Delta inspires you and why? (this does not have to be “famous” person) 

Soror Twana Burris-Alcide inspires me as she demonstrates LOVE for mankind and shows it through her faith, family, friends, career, and community service. 

Give three words that describe your impact on the globe.

Endurance, Resilience, and Compassion are three words that describe my impact on the globe. 

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