A Message From Our Executive Creative Director 



As I think back I have always had the spirit of an entrepreneur. It began when I decided to start my first business as a lawn guy; maybe I was 6 or 7. I would hitch my dad’s lawnmower to my bike and hauled it around the neighborhood looking for work. I think that I may have charged 5 or 7 dollars per yard. I made some pocket change, but I felt like there had to be a better way.


Then I got the idea of taking my grass cutting money and rolled that into my next venture, which was selling chilly bears. For those of you who are not familiar with a chilly bear, it’s very sweet Kool-Aid that is frozen in a paper cup. 


This was a treat that I made for myself and as I walked around my small neighborhood I noticed the reaction that I got from the other kids. I wondered…why didn’t they just make a chilly bear for themselves? It was easy to do, but they didn’t. I then mapped out a plan to start my new business with my best friend Greg Brown who also shared my last name. We started B & B Chilly Bears. We pooled our money together and bought bags of sugar, paper cups and every flavor of Kool-Aid that was sold.


South Carolina’s blazing summer heat combined with the inconvenient distance of the convenient store gave us our market and client base. With no knowledge of starting, marketing or running a business, I made tee shirts with a black magic marker and a sign for our bikes. We spread the word and then BOOM! My house became the go-to place for my sugary sweet treats that gave me my first rush as a Business Man…at the ripe old age of 8. From that point I knew that making my own money was the only way. 


This company is dedicated to those of you who have the drive to succeed, yet you lack the support, know how or exposure to get your dreams out into the open market place. 


Welcome to NobleSol Art Group.



A Message From Our Digital Director, Johnny Clarkson.


I fell in love with business over 20 years ago. There was something about the thrill of commerce that I fervently understood and connected with well before I was old enough to obtain an actual job. Though I grew up and lived in areas well below the poverty line my ambitions fueled my pursuit of success. 


The introduction of the first car phone changed my life. I saw it in a few movies, but to actually sit in the front seat of a gold Mercedes Benz complete with white leather interior accessorized with that phone was a true climax in my mental state as a child. The dial tone spoke to me about access, communication, power and propelled me forward to the position I cherish today.


From that moment I decided that working for someone would only be used as a stepping stone towards working for myself. My work ethic doesn’t stop at a designated time so there has never been any attachment to a time clock. My thought process is unconventional and too fluid to be confined to a workstation. The confirmation of this revelation came time and time again as I watched so many loved ones shed tears over terminated positions of employment. Those moments solidified my decision to never be in a position to be fired!


I made history as the school candy man; I made masterpieces while selling my artwork in science class. My approach to business is broad and exciting. My journey is led by innovative thinking, ambition, admiration for world leaders and an everlasting passion for success. From clothing lines, to jewelry designs, artist development and event promotions all of my skills have been crafted for this specific moment. I know what it’s like to be a young entrepreneur in search of guidance. Today my vision, my goal and my desire is to use my knowledge and experience to create a pathway to success for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


Account ExecutiveKat Brown.


With over two decades of experience in executive management, I bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to this organization.  





Executive Assistant & Jr. Editor, Nailah Herbert


As a recent graduate from Clark Atlanta University, Mrs. Herbert is a true asset to our team. She brings a youthful approach and a great work ethic that is truly unmatched. Nailah continues to sharpen her journalistic blade as she has written several articles for NSAG and YBE Magazine. Along with being an excellent writer, she is also the lead junior photographer for several events led and curated by Okeeba Jubalo, CEO of NSAG.



Jr. Editor, Marcus Brown


I am currently headquartered in Chicago, IL after attending the University of Iowa where I studied creative writing and English. I have a demonstrated history in literary publishing, journalism, technical writing, and copy editing. I have worked on numerous university associated and non-university associated literary publications in managerial, editorial, and copy-editing capacities, as well as experience in nonprofit administration via my time working for a self sustaining municipal improvement district in Iowa City, IA. 



Jr. Executive Assistant, Noble Brown


Noble Brown is a recent graduate of Decatur High School and current freshman at Georgia State University. In addition to her academic endeavors, Noble has been a proud business owner of confections company, Shayda Bakes for over 6 years now. With her experience in photography, article development, and her involvement as a student, Miss Brown brings a youthful inspiration to our team. She is an example of the potential shown by the younger generation to develop the necessary skills to succeed in today’s evolving world.



Our Mascot, Pepper