BLACK LIVES MATTER...Starts at home.

Dear Black Men,

If you do not pay your child support, nurture your children and work every day to get your family to higher ground...stop talking about how BLACK LIVES MATTER.

We are where we are mostly because of OUR inability to be Men in this society. Stop making excuses. These women and children are watching you and waiting on you to lead them.

A REAL Black Woman can see you for who you are. Even when your money is low or you are out of not drink or get high to deal with your lows. Work on your plan with sober eyes. Know the man who is inside of you and bring him out.

You have to give this life all that you have. Give your family all that you have. Brothers they need us...even when they do not say it. Man-up and step out. A part of white America's trick is to get into your head and keep you disconnected from GOD.

The white man has always known that removing us from our GOD is the key to breaking you. He took away your name and gave you his. He took away your family and gave you his. He took away your GOD and gave you his. He took away your TRUTH and gave you his lies.

Brothers take yourself back. Look yourself in the mirror before you go to sleep tonight and tell yourself who you are. GOD did not put us here to go without, that is one of these American tricks to con you out of your GOD and right mind.

I am willing to die and kill for the women my daddy left for me. I am also willing to work hard and live right for these women.

Brothers stop being less than who GOD made you out to be. The white man doesn't have power over you. You have power over yourself.


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