Black Men and Depression


Most Black Men fight with and fight through some levels of depression. We live in a place that is not designed for us to thrive and in most cases...not even survive.Think about it. From grade school Black boys are punished for just being Black boys. We are pushed out of our classrooms and into detention or some lower level classrooms.

High school...same thing.

College...same thing...if you make it to college.

Workplace...pushed out.

Homes...pushed out.

Prison...pushed in.

Drug trade...pushed in.

Street life...pushed in.

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a father in this place who can guide you through this maze of are in deep trouble. Our mothers and the women around us may do what they can, but in most cases it is not enough to even scratch the surface. Then we go through those long periods of being blamed for the impact that white supremacy has on us as Black Men. That is a real head twist. The folks around you will start to blame you for all that is being done to you.

That is like setting us on fire and then blaming us for smelling like smoke.

Over and over and over and over this continues to happen. Everything is always our fault even when we are the ones being pressed against the walls by white supremacy and Black delusion.

So now you are stuck in this alternate universe where the truth is never welcomed and everything is always your fault. Then you start looking for something to help you get over your trauma. Drugs, women, alcohol, cars, shoes...maybe art. In my case creativity is my way to self-medicate, but my responsibilities as a father/husband/brother/son kills my time for my creativity which is how I stay sane. My creativity is also how I make a living, but all of these other responsibilities suck the air out of my process. Then the blame comes...for the impact of white supremacy and Black delusion. Then fight or flight kicks in.

To fight for your mind and soul you will have to take another approach. Most Black folks and most white folks can't really stomach a clear thinking Black Man. Once again, you are pushed into this alternative universe.

Before you judge me or any other Black Man you need to stop and check yourself. We have been built to self-destruct and if by some slim chance we do not kill ourselves- the police and these crazy crackers and kneegrows will do it.

This is how it works...I am not saying that our lives are pointless. I AM SAYING THAT WE NEED HELP!

Real help...not empty prayers. Not empty votes. Not empty promises.

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