The Truth About US

Black folks have been praying to the white man’s God for hundreds of years and voting for the white man or his puppets for decades. The truth about US is that we are in trouble, deep trouble. Our inability to NOT believe in the white man’s fairytales has US in a state of delusion that will surely end with our heads on a stick.

From the Easter bunny to Santa Claus to St. Patrick’s Day to Valentine’s Day to Obama to Jay Z on up to a white Jesus…we believe in the white man’s fairytales more than sound logic. Sound logic is terrifying because it would force us to deal with white America in a more honest and direct way. Black folks clearly can’t stomach logic so we go for illogical approaches to get to higher ground. As we approach this presidential election we are sandwiched between two choices -Clinton is on one side and Trump is on the other.

The reality of this situation is that both of those choices are toxic for Black People. It is like having to choose between a Skinhead and someone from the Ku Klux Klan. They both have the same agenda with just a slight difference on the methods. I know so many of US will look back at all that was done for me to be able to vote and say that I am not doing the right thing by not voting. All of our blood that was spilled in these American streets and the idea that I may not participate in this presidential election will surely rub many of you the wrong the way.

I am prepared for the backlash because I can deal with the reality of why we are where we are. I can deal with the reality of what it takes to get us out of where we are. I can deal with the reality of our failed leadership on all levels, from our churches to school system leaders to local politicians on up to our national politicians. We need a revolution of thought that will usher in a revolution with actions. Simply put, “Ain’t none of these fools worth a damn.”

In 2016 if you call yourself a REAL Black person and you still pray to a white Jesus then you are sick beyond repair. I am sure that you voted for Obama twice, the same way that I did. After all of our voting for Obama I am in no better position today than I was when Bush was in office. The only difference is that the gas is cheaper, but police are still killing us like dogs in streets and I still can’t kind a job. The common excuse that I hear is that Obama is on a federal level and he can’t deal with state and local issues. GTFOH, if he was elected with state and local votes, why can’t he deal with my state and local BLACK ISSUES? Answer: The system is broken.

So look around and be honest about what you see. For the last 10 years- all of my 30s- I have not been able to get a job in my professional field. I have more skills and talents in one finger than most people have in their entire bodies. I have two college degrees and nothing on my criminal record. I have a great wife and 3 great children who are well above average. I pay my taxes and support my family daily. I could go on, but I won’t. My point is, there are so many other Black Men and Black Women who are underemployed or unemployed because of the power system in place. We have seen all of America’s presidential choices from Georg Washington to Barack Obama and we aren’t any further along today than we were hundreds of years ago. At one point I time we knew who the enemy was. Now we kill ourselves first before dealing with the real enemy.

These white folks took the chains off of our wrists and placed them on our brains, our school systems, our religious systems, our banking systems, our healthcare systems, our political systems and every other system that reinforces white supremacy. We need something else…besides voting between Clinton and Trump.

Don’t offer me a choice between a Skinhead and a Klansman and then get mad when I say to hell with both of them. The white man’s politics were not and are not designed for US. The truth is hard to deal with because it will force you to deal with America in an honest way...with more honesty than most of US have within our bodies.

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