Birth of a Nation and why it must be shown.

Birth of a Nation and why it must be shown

Part of being a Black conservative is that you naturally know that liberals don’t want freedom nor information to flow to Black people and everything they do will eventually come back to haunt you. Take for example the new movie “Birth of a Nation”. This movie written, produced, directed and starred in by Nate Parker is now running into some speedbumps after being sold to Fox Searchlight. Apparently, when Mr. Parker was in college he and friend were accused of raping a student after a night of drinking. He was found not guilty and his friend and co writer Jean Celestin was tried and convicted, appealed the verdict and was cleared because the victim did not want to testify again. Now in our justice system Not guilty and an acquittal means you did NOT commit the crime. Not that they could not prove it, but you did not commit the crime. I don’t want to live in a society where I am charged with a crime, exonerated and still can never work again.

The studio is concerned that the marketing of the film would be harmed by these issues. They were planning a more grassroots marketing effort which called for churches, schools, college campuses and more local efforts. And let’s be clear all of these were going to be in Black communities. Not one of these churches were going to be Southern White Baptists. So the issue becomes in the opinion of white progressives: will black people not want to see a movie about a Slave rebellion if the writer and star of the movie was ACQUITTED OF RAPE. I imagine a group of white Hollywood liberals sitting around a table discussing what a congregation of Black church members would say. “No, they would be offended that Nate was accused”. “Yes he was found not guilty but in this culture of rape, people are offended even if you did not do it”.

You see when you make up a “culture of rape” then accusations can ruin a life. When you make up a “rape every 5 minutes” on college campuses then you can use this to stop anyone. And you can use to stop a movie which tells the history of a slave rebellion. I can only at this point logically come to conclusion that Fox Searchlight did NOT want this film released. They knew about the rape case. No body spends 19 million and does no due diligence. They knew. But they also knew that a movie about a slave rebellion could not be shown at this time. Because the mind of the liberal tells him that Black people cannot be responsible for their behavior and this movie is too inflammatory and will incite them to riot.

Fox Searchlight bought this film to shelve it because the movie is too explosive to be seen at this current time. There is a tremendous amount of strife right now and a movie about a slave rebellion led by a preacher can be quite moving.

Don’t let them. Express your intention of wanting to see this movie. Post it with #releasebirthofanation., #releaseit #Iamnatturner. Let them know that you don’t care about a decades old rape case where there was an not guilty verdict, WE want to see the movie.

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