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Steen Miles

The principals and staff of mourn the passing of our friend and notable colleague Steen Miles, who succumbed to lung cancer after a valiant and upbeat struggle against the dreaded disease. Steen's fighting spirit and spunk never waned. She left us too soon. Steen, this reporter's long-time friend and colleague, was only 70.

What a tragic loss. What a good friend. What a talented "News Lady" who will be missed because of her fierce and courageous activism as a broadcast journalist for 11- Alive News from 1984 to 1999. Steen also served superbly and strategically as a Georgia State Senator from DeKalb County in the 2000's. She was a progressive and politically savvy Democrat, who often enthralled, informed, intrigued, and inspired us all.

"She was as good as it gets--both as a journalist and a politically profound Black woman. Most of all she was a good and caring human being," says The Maynard Report co-founder Maynard Eaton, who worked with Miles at 11-Alive News when he was an Emmy Award-winning reporter there during the 80's.

"I admired and respected her remarkable talents and political acumen. Thank God, myself and other friends, were able to salute her and her stellar career during a birthday party in her honor recently at the St. Regis Hotel. It was a moving and memorable tribute to this quintessential former State Senator and premier journalist. It was an elegant and joyous occasion. Steen admitted she was battling cancer. It proved to be her last hurrah and a befitting farewell to a fabulous 'shero'."

Keith Whitney, who also worked with her at 11Alive and is now at CBS46, called her a “bulldog” in the best sense of the word. “She was as tough as anyone you’d ever meet in the business. She was very outspoken. When other people might shy away from an uncomfortable issue, she’d speak up. She never held her tongue. Even if you didn’t like her, you respected her. She was one of those people who put everything into whatever assignment she was given. She was unforgettable.” He told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Evelyn Mims, a former community affairs specialist and producer at 11-Alive, likened Miles to "the Maxine Waters of the newsroom" in a quote to the AJC. Mims added, "She was a powerhouse. A strong woman period!" We say, amen and hallelujah to those defining descriptions.

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