Community leader, artist, activist and CEO, Okeeba Jubalo, is a visionary pioneer for the advancement of African American art and business in Atlanta. Jubalo has helped push the culture forward and create opportunities for others through his marketing and branding agency, NobleSol Art Group. His agency’s clients list has included The Morehouse College National Alumni Association, The Los Angeles Sparks to the National Black Arts along with many others. He has curated and been featured in a number of fine art exhibitions as well. Jubalo has over 25 years of experience in the Arts industry within a wide range of disciplines.


He has mastered a number of leadership roles from being a performance artist to producer to Fine Art exhibition curator to Fine Artist, there is no limit to his passion and precision. 

This latest Arts initiative was fueled by his desire to showcase Atlanta’s artists outside of Atlanta by placing them on the world’s stage. The level of talent within Atlanta’s Arts community is truly amazing and deserves to be showcased to a much broader audience. These exhibits and showcases will serve as a spring board to nationally launch Atlanta’s artists who will surely become household names. 

Photos by Altore Alston, John Crooms, Noble Brown, Sol Brown & Jason Warner



The Atlanta Exhibition @ the 2019 DC Jazz Fest  & Juhl in Las Vegas


Our 2019 Featured Atlanta Artists

Maurice Evans

Maurice Evan’s artistic creativity is expressed through a diverse mixture of art and photography.  A walk through his gallery reveals an interpretation of ideas and imagery through a lens of bold colors, graceful images and abstract expressions. The vocabulary of his palette articulates unique expressions of music, culture, gender, and politics - all of which reflect his limitless potential.  Maurice Evans resides in Atlanta, GA, never far from a sketch pad, and lives by the premise, “Create art for art’s sake,” inspiring viewers and artists alike to pursue their artistic and creative passion. 

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Tokie Rome Taylor

I'm an artist and mom of five.  I am raising my children to be strong confident individuals who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.  I found my way back to my art by creating photographs and transforming them into printed works of art. Photography is  my balance, fulfilling my artistic soul. The focus in my photography is to create YOUR STORY. That story is what you choose to write for you, your business, your home, your family, and future generations. My style reflects a love of  all things vintage, classic renaissance master painters, mixed with a love of crisp color.

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Thom Bess

From Gray, Georgia, Thom Bess Moved to Atlanta at the age of 15 where he immediately became a fixture in the local arts community. Following a near death experience at 18, Bess began splitting his time between Jamaica and Amsterdam, where he began studying African centered metaphysics, and ironically began to reflect and channel his very American experiences onto canvas. Returning to the US in 2008, Bess started creating wall projections for small gatherings of friends in the newly re-emerging party and arts scene in Atlanta, depicting cult pop culture icons, literary figures, and people he encountered at the local coffee shop. He currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA.

Grace Kisa

My art reflects the relationship between myself and the world around us. Through this work, I explore the connections between personal, cultural, national and global perspectives. In this way my art serves as both bridge and conduit.


My process is a combination of creative play and problem solving while working through concepts of identity and how one relates to notions of comfort and alienation. Migration and how one acculturates to a new environment, and the concept of home set against the context of time and space.

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Steve Allen

Steve R. Allen is an artist recognized internationally for his bold use of color and ability to create in myriad styles.  He has traveled extensively internationally with his work.  His work hangs in world capitols and many prestigious art collections from Athens, Greece to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Beijing, China.

Steve’s talent was first showcased before a world audience when he was commissioned to create “Uniting Colors of the World”, a mammoth eighty feet by twenty-eight feet mural, as the City of Atlanta’s “Official” commemoration of its hosting the 1996 Centennial Olympic Summer Games.  

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Monica Ealey

I have been behind the camera capturing images since my mother purchased a range finder for me when I was in High School. Since then, I have continued to enjoy the ways in which the world appears through my lens. Most recently, my focus has been on capturing the fierce and unapologetic beauty of Black women. This has been an exhilarating and amazing experience as well as being told that my images are an inspiration to other women who might be challenged with fully recognizing their beauty. My work has been described as raw, dark, gritty, mysterious and authentic and I most definitely concur. I am on a wonderful journey toward exploring the magical ways in which Black women express themselves, especially in a world, which does not necessarily embrace and celebrate their phenomenal beauty.

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Dakoro Edwards

Dakoro is an artist that has been gifted a special talent  for using various mediums,  canvas or walls to make any atmosphere his works are displayed feel energetic. PURE is what best describes this multidimensional creative from Syracuse New York. Viewing Dakoro's works has been said to feel like something awakens in you, it starts a conversation that you absolutely cannot keep to yourself.

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Sunny Gravely

LaTasha “Sunny” Gravely is known for her use of vibrant colors and powerful imagery and is considered one of THE up and coming emerging artist of this era.  Born and raised in Greensboro North Carolina, art has been an integral part of her life from a very early age.  With her use of textured paper, colored tissue, paints and oil pastels, Sunny has found an elegant way to combine all of these mediums to create a vivacious expression of her art.

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Jaia Robinson

I am a professional artist who utilizes vibrant colors and textures on canvas and wearable art. I aspire to create a positive environment and healthy emotions through my abstract expressionist style of painting. My creativity was initially fueled by her upbringing as the youngest of three in St. Louis, Missouri. I began teaching art while completing my undergraduate studies. I received my B.A. in Art from Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. As an educator and arts advocate I emphasize the importance of arts in the classroom and use it as a tool to promote academic success. My art is featured in private collections locally and nationally.  My art also crossed into other wearable formats such as custom shirts that have been featured in boutiques domestically.  I was also a featured artist at the NAACP 100th year Anniversary Celebration at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta.

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