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Community leader, artist, activist, gallerist, and CEO Okeeba Jubalo is a visionary pioneer for the advancement of African American art and business. Jubalo has over 25 years of experience in the branding and Arts industries across a wide range of disciplines. He has helped to push Atlanta's culture forward and create opportunities for others through his marketing and branding agency, NobleSol Art Group, and his publications, The Charleston Compass Quarterly Magazine (formerly Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine). His agency’s client list has included The Morehouse College National Alumni Association, The Los Angeles Sparks, the National Black Arts, and many others.

From being a performance artist, music label executive, gallerist, producer, and Fine Art exhibition curator to a fine artist, there is no limit to his passion and precision. He has mastered a number of executive leadership roles and is an asset to our culture.

Since relocating to his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, in 2021, Okeeba has turned North Charleston into the focal point of African-American arts and culture. Launching his gallery in the historic Ten Mile district, he is truly pioneering a cultural scene in a community riddled by crime, a lack of community leadership, and desperation.

​After successfully curating The Atlanta Exhibition for nearly a decade, Okeeba has decided to concentrate his efforts and resources on turning North Charleston into the epicenter of African-American culture with the Charleston and Friends Exhibition.

This latest Arts initiative was fueled by his desire to showcase artists within and outside of Charleston by placing them on the world’s stage. The level of talent within the Lowcountry community is truly amazing and deserves to be showcased to a much broader audience. These exhibits and showcases will serve as a springboard to nationally launch our artists, who will surely become household names.

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