From Maroons to Mardi Gras: The Black Indians of New Orleans ‘Won’t Bow Down’

On the cusp of its Tri-Centennial Celebration, New Orleans, established as one of the largest ports of entry for African slaves into the Americas in the early 1700s, is the cradle for a unique culture born from African, European, and Native American influences. Mardi Gras Indians The "Mardi Gras Indians,” contemporarily regarded as Black Indian tribes of New Orleans, are the oldest cultural organizations surviving from the original African tribes which were brought into New Orleans during slavery days. Black Indians in New Orleans who “mask Indian” are part of a secret masquerade society. In traditional cultures around the world, masks are used in masquerades that form part of religious cere

An Open Letter to The City Schools of Decatur - Operation JUST-US

City Schools of Decatur School Board, Hopefully these words will come to you at a time when your minds and hearts are clear enough to receive them. I am a firm believer in the reality that “hope” is never a good strategy when educating and protecting our children. Approaching these tasks with clear plans of attack is the only way for us to stand a chance at reaching our goals of educating and protecting our children. We are at the crossroads and as you know, America’s public school systems have either been torn apart or have fallen apart by design. This is not by chance. As school board members who oversee this platform within the City Schools of Decatur, my question is simple…”Are you doing

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