Atlanta mayor’s race begins with talk of ethics, murder, the Streetcar – and Kasim Reed

Eight candidates for mayor of Atlanta gathered for lunch recently to give the Buckhead Coalition a taste of what’s to come. It appears that we’ll be talking about ethics, the Atlanta Streetcar, corruption, a new subway line, gangs, murder and incumbent Kasim Reed. The event was largely a beauty pageant – an opportunity for check-writers to find out which candidates can walk and chew gum at the same time. Only two questions were asked. Candidates decided for themselves whether to answer them, or strike out on their own. In the first round, the gang of eight was asked to name their bona fides. When it’s posted, you can listen to the entire meeting here, courtesy of Georgia Public Broadcast, or


Here is a throwback column I penned back in 2002 for a magazine I was helping to produce, along with the late Delores Bundy, for Atlanta businessman Bruce Dobbs called The THIRD EYE. Sadly, it was never published. POLITICS 411 Maynard Eaton’s Musing Bill Campbell On V-103 I suppose there is life after politics— former Mayor Bill Campbell has resurfaced on Atlanta’s black focused radio airwaves—but is it a quality, quintessential new life or a quizzical, quixotic one? The Atlanta electorate tells me that while Campbell was arguably a likeable and revered politico and mayor, he is a little out of his realm in radio! Much like former Mayor Maynard Jackson, Bill Campbell was perceived to be s

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