Jill Stein Brings Prez Bid to Atlanta

Members of the Georgia Green Party make arrangements for a visit by Presidential hopeful Jill Stein on June 30, 2016. From left to right, Jerome Taylor, Victor Love and Carrie Williams. Photo Credits: (c) 2016 Harold Michael Harvey ATLANTA, GEORGIA, CASCADE PRESS (CP) Over coffee, cheese eggs, biscuits and salmon patties, a group of political activists met in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia on a Saturday morning to plan ways to get Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President, on the Georgia General Election Ballot. Stein needs 7500 signatures on a petition to be included with the names of the Republican and Democratic Party nominees. The deadline for submitting signatures to the Georgia Secr

Americain Noir ‘a Paris--the Socio-Cultural Lens of Artist Ealy Mays

Paris-based artist Ealy Mays is somewhat of a paradox….and I mean that in the most generous and loving way possible. In his latest retrospective collection presented at the Hammonds House Museum/AARL Satellite Gallery, viewers experienced the juxtaposition in the simplicity of Mays’ narrative presentation with the depth of his social and political commentary. Mays is an artist who knew without any reservation at an early age, as he put pen to paper and made a continuous scribble, he would someday become an artist. “I didn’t have a very good relationship with my Art Teachers in High School,” chuckled Mays in a recent interview at his latest show, which showcases works from several Atlanta col


SCLC Names Its National Headquarters in Honor of Charles Steele, Jr Dozens gathered outside of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s international headquarters on historic Auburn Avenue in Atlanta Tuesday, June 21, for a dedication program renaming its building for current president and CEO Dr. Charles Steele Jr. The SCLC said in a statement that the headquarters was built in 2004 and cost $3.5 million, most of which was raised by Steele. In April, the SCLC board unanimously voted to name the building in honor of Steele in recognition for his efforts in securing sufficient funds for the structure and ensuring it remained debt-free. The organization now owns the building. “When he to

Remembering & Honoring Muhammad Ali

On Saturday I wrote to a friend who is a journalist here in Atlanta that "I've never felt more connected to a person that I'd never met, than Muhammad Ali". It would be remiss of me if I didn't add that this was like BILLIONS more around the world who also felt that connection. I loved and respected this Brother immensely. The first time I saw him in person was in 1963, my senior year of high school in Pittsburgh when my father took me and my brother to see him fight Charlie Powell the former football player. Yes, he predicted the round and proceeded to knock out Powell accordingly. Just about one year later as a freshman in college I can recall listening to the first fight with Sonny Li

Black Leaders Say Reparations Is an Issue Whose Time Has Come

Press Advisory Black Leaders Say Reparations Is an Issue Whose Time Has Come June 10-11, Atlanta will be the focal point of the U.S. and global Reparations Movement as key leaders gather for a Benefit Reception and Area/Regional Hearing/Town Hall Meeting to discuss a Preliminary 10 Point Reparations Program devised by the recently formed National African American Reparations Commission. Among the proposals in the Program is a demand that the U.S. Government appropriate public lands to African Americans with sovereignty rights similar to that granted Native Americans. The Program also includes a National Reparations Trust Authority to administer resources as compensation awarded for centuries

Black America Taking the lead for Justice Empowering other communities

Social change can be and usually is a slow grueling process. I am also always reminded of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. saying, in December 1956, after the success of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, that “the arc of the moral universe, although long, is bending toward justice.” Historically, in the United States, regarding the moral universe bending toward justice, invariably it is the courageous stance of the Black community that has taken the lead in social change toward justice and other groups have then followed. It is also true that social change does not happen in a vacuum. You need a model. The Black community also explicitly offered a powerful model of resistance for social change to virt


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THE RETURN OF ROOTS by Shelley Wynter

The Return of Roots Despite the exhortations of drug smoking, pimping, and gang banging Rapper Snoop Dogg, I watched Roots on memorial day and LOVED it. The historical accuracy was great and the little drops of information the writers and producers dropped in were fascinating and eye opening for those younger viewers. I disagree with Snoop, I believe all young people should watch this series especially if the next three episodes are anything like the first. Here is what I saw that I did not see expanded on in the first Roots mini-series years ago. The exposition of the religion of the pre enslaved Africans. These ancestors were Muslim. In the 8th Century, trans-Saharan traders brought Islam

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