Why South Africa Loves Cuba

Piero Gleijeses is a professor of American foreign policy at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. All quotes from the article are drawn from his latest book: Visions of Freedom: Havana, Washington, Pretoria and the Struggle for Southern Africa, 1976-1991, The University of North Carolina Press, 2013. January 14, 2014 Global Learning While the American news media recently focused on "the handshake" between President Obama and Raúl Castro, it is worth pondering why the organizers of Nelson Mandela's memorial service invited Raúl Castro to be one of only six foreign leaders-of the ninety-one in attendance-to speak at the ceremony. Not only was Raúl Castro accord

Honoring Fidel Castro and the Cubans in African Liberation

Note: With the sad news of the passing of Fidel Castro I can't help but be reminded of seeing him on the stage in Pretoria, South Africa at the inauguration of Nelson Mandela in 1994. I was blessed to be there for the event. What an honor and thrill that was.In combination with the African National Congress and South African liberation movement, it was the Cuban troops that demoralized and defeated the South African military that then, finally, led to the downfall of the apartheid state. Castro was remarkable and defiant throughout it all. Here is Mandela referring to this in 1991 while in Cuba: "We come here with a sense of the great debt that is owed the people of Cuba ... What other count

Baseball, Dad, Son and the 2016 World Series

The 2016 World Series is now in the books, both the box score archives of Major League Baseball and the historical record books. As a dad I learned an important life lesson. The lesson was taught to me by my son, Coley Harvey. This lesson adds more meaning to the 2016 World Series to me, than it could possibly add to the average Cub or Indian fan's appreciation for the history that was made this week. With that said, the play of the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians in American Baseball's World Series this year was full of memories; and not just memories of the play on the field. For me this has to be the most memorable World Series I have had the pleasure of witnessing. I've seen most

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