Dillard Smith Advocates Safe Space to Communicate About Transgender Rights The national controversy and media coverage of Transgender rights and fervent "Bathroom Bill" debates has claimed another victim. Maya Dillard Smith, the newly appointed Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Georgia, has lost her job after finding herself caught in the crossfire’s of the Transgender movement and race relations. She apparently has been punished for daring to ask pertinent and probing questions about the divisive issue. Ironically she was sacked the same day hundreds of parents packed a North Georgia school district in response to the federal government's threat to pull fu


Maynard Eaton is a good journalist. He is not a good journalist because he has been decorated with eight Emmy's. Eaton is a good journalist simply because he has the proverbial nose for news. He can smell a good story and he is well equipped to tell that story, either in print, on television or on the radio. Educationally, Eaton is well prepared for his line of work. He earned a bachelor degree from the historic Hampton Institute - now known as Hampton University - where he served as the catcher on the Hampton baseball team. Anyone who has known me for any length of time, knows I need a disclaimer for this piece. I am a bit bias towards any guy who writes well, as I fancy I do; and played co

Why Trump Matters

I have been talking up Donald Trump to anyone that would listen since July. I was early on supporting Rand Paul, but I liked Trump. A lot of people have asked why? There are a lot of reasons. The most important one is he is NOT Hillary Clinton. I like Sanders for many of the same reasons I like Trump, HE is also NOT Hillary. But that is not enough so here is the rest. 1. Trump is hated by the three structural supports of the same system which has utterly destroyed the Black family-Democrats, Republicans and The Media. -Take Harlem where I am from. Republicans passed a law called the Enterprise Zone Bill which was supposed to help the poor. The money was stolen by local Democrats (Charlie Ran


Three weeks ago I was in New York City basking in the glory of journalism and listening to a riveting seminar session on career options. I was there for a Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism reunion that had brought together some 300 of the nation’s best trained young, seasoned and savvy journalists back to the premier journalism school in the world to discuss the state of our profession. Two weeks ago, back home in Atlanta, I became embroiled in a racially charged controversy involving the ongoing Fulton County Solicitor’s race where my integrity and ethics were unfairly defamed because I questioned whether prosecutor Clint Rucker and his wife were both campaigning while stil

This One Melon Can Kill Cancer and Help Diabetics

There is a type of melon, common in other parts of the world, but not well known in America, that has been shown in several studies to kill pancreatic cancer cells, reverse diabetes, and help with other illnesses and diseases. Which melon has such amazing properties? Bitter melon. Bitter melon is a fruit that grows freely throughout Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. It’s been used traditionally to treat fever, burns, skin problems, menstruation problems, colic, and chronic cough. This fruit has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese medicine with no reported or known side effects or problems. Bitter melon (momordica charantia) goes by several other names: bitter squash, bitter gourd,

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