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Why Trump Matters

I have been talking up Donald Trump to anyone that would listen since July. I was early on supporting Rand Paul, but I liked Trump. A lot of people have asked why?

There are a lot of reasons. The most important one is he is NOT Hillary Clinton. I like Sanders for many of the same reasons I like Trump, HE is also NOT Hillary. But that is not enough so here is the rest.

1. Trump is hated by the three structural supports of the same system which has utterly destroyed the Black family-Democrats, Republicans and The Media.

-Take Harlem where I am from. Republicans passed a law called the Enterprise Zone Bill which was supposed to help the poor. The money was stolen by local Democrats (Charlie Rangel and others) and given to rich liberals who effectively moved the poor out of the neighborhoods they were supposed to help. The media helped by saying nothing and then now we have gentrification. So the republicans passed the law. Democrats gave the tax breaks to their friends and media took a blind eye. Now the idea by Jack Kemp was not a bad one however, all three entities conspired to rob the people. That is just one example but it was replicated all around the country and it was done by the very same leaders who now are super delegates for Hillary Clinton.So when given the opportunity to see why all of these groups-Black leadership, Republicans and the elite Media-hate Trump it is only logical for me to love Trump.

2. Our world is increasingly polarizing. Who did you think polarized it? the left will say it was the Obama election. The right will say it’s the Left and its media yes men. I say its the click through world we live in now. Years ago, you had to buy a magazine, newspaper, or watch a TV news program to receive information. Now you get your news from social media and everyone with a profile is a journalist who picks and chooses which stories they share. Now this can be defined as the Democratization of information, however it can also be defined as the inmates running the asylum. But at least the inmates don’t make the decisions for the masses. Oh but wait, the largest social media outlet-Facebook- just got blasted for using live editors to present issues as trending therefore pushing a narrative. Now of all the people who should push back against narratives, its Black people. We know over our entire history in this country how destructive narratives can be to destroying a culture and the “narrative” came after then Senator Obama we were apoplectic but now since the “narrative” is after someone else we are all good.

3. Trump gets accused by the major media and his opponents as not talking policy. Well, building a wall and finally addressing ILLEGAL immigration is a policy. Tariffs, on American companies making products outside the USA is a policy. Talking to North Korea is a policy. Bringing home tax dollars going to foreign countries is a policy. Now you can disagree with all of these, however you cannot say they are not policies. I happen to agree with all of them. Why should Israel get more money than HBCUs and no one bats an eye. Why is Obama “smart” for talking to Iran and Trump “stupid” for talking to Norht Korea? And how does anyone who allows him or herself to list in the CV the title of “Civil Rights Activist” support allowing to stay up to 20 million workers and allow more in from everywhere, when their own people are living in Third World conditions around the corner from their gilded undervalued Mcmansions? Cascade road is less than 3 miles from Vine City for those of you not from Atlanta.

So in the end, I like Trump. No let me correct that- I LOVE TRUMP. Because at the end of day it boils down to very old strategies:

“The Enemy of my enemy is my friend”-Arab Proverb

“When your enemy makes a mistake, rush in” Sun Tzu

Trump may be a mistake, rush in.

Who Is Shelley Wynter?

Shelley Wynter describes himself as a traditionalist and conservative who desperately wants his people to return to a time when morals, values, education and marriage were honored and cherished. He is a member of Sankofa United Church of Christ. Shelley is also a member of The Georgia Black Republican Council and is managing partner of Products USA. Mr. Wynter is married to the former Terica Moore.

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