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What is a culture? It is a Set of shared attitudes, values, goals, beliefs, and practices that characterize the organization; A way of thinking behaving and working in an organization.

The Kulture of being a true Kolorist is a way of existing in the beauty industry. It surpasses all that we know as the standard of a stylist. It encompasses your;

(K)nowledge of color (U)nderstanding of color (L)ove for the industry (T)ransitioning of your brand to a colorist (U)nity amongst other colorists (R)einvention of your business platform (E)levating your salon and increasing profitability Kolour is one of the most profitable services offered in the beauty industry. Yet, only a small percentage of salons and stylists offer this couture service. Understanding that we, as colorists, have exceeded a price ceiling because we do not sell a service. We sell our artistic ability to make our clients happy through color. We are ARTISTS! We don't get paid to work- we get paid to THINK and CREATE. That has no price limitations.

The Kolour Kulture was created to provide an educational platform for stylists. It will serve to educate and motivate stylists to be more than casually acquainted with color. We offer curriculums from the basics of color theory to more advanced levels of performance to help grow our stylists into master colorists. Our curriculums will asssist in developing your basic understanding, motor skills, artistic impression, and overall business development. We come together as a unit and support each other well after the class is over. Expanding your network is also key to growing. Having your peers accessible to you at all times for group conversations, questions, and project shares help us to stay motivated and to stay in the process long after the feeling has left us... Like a color support group.

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