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Minister Louis Farrakhan: “All Politics are Local and Our Black elected officials are Corrupt” A Com

Minister Louis Farrakhan came to Atlanta for the 21st Day of Atonement speech and his presence was politically profound. This was a huge deal for Atlanta and especially Mosque #15’s Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad, Southern Regional Representative of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam.

To make it even more significant, it was held in Atlanta’s venerable Fox Theatre to a sold out audience. Now I want to point out here that every space was filled with a brother or sister. The second level had folks everywhere. The lobby was filled with brothers talking business, making plans for next steps. Sisters were moving about with purpose and a job to do. What I did not see, which you usually see at other group conferences and or major events, were Black elected officials.

And Minister Farrakhan admonished their noticeable absence by saying that none of them are free enough to be seen with him. This is important to note. If you are truly elected by the people, and not bought and paid for, then you would be free to come hear the Minister speak. Would you not, if you were truly for, about and elected by the people?

The Muslim prayer was exquisitely expressed and so filled with a love of Allah. Pastor Derrick Rice of Sankofa United Church of Christ gave his prayer for all of us who are Christians and he closed it out with our standard “Jesus our African Revolutionary-Amen”.

Next up were Bro. Tony Muhammad and his friends who are helping to get the word out about vaccines. The point being made by the anti-vaccine advocates is the message that the vaccines are poison. Not one of them was making the argument that vaccines are not necessary; but that the CDC and its government masters are poisoning the vaccines. History tells us that this should not be thrown out so easily as a conspiracy theory. It must be investigated more and we should not be so quick to believe the “Government” over credible doctors who have blown the whistle.

Finally we got to the main event- - the mesmerizing message from the indefatigable 84- year-old Minister Farrakhan on the 21st anniversary of The Million Man March - and the perplexing present political season. And my wait was not for naught.

Minister Farrakhan basically said “never let anyone force you through fear to vote for either Satan or Lucifer”. He said that if we want change we must change those who are in power closest to us—our city elected officials. He said that our local Black elected officials are the most corrupt, and are the people who are keeping our communities in despair. It is these politicians who are allowing police to shoot us in the streets; it is these politicians who are allowing our schools to be horrible, he passionately preached.

[Quick aside: Min. Farrakhan talked briefly that not all cops are bad; and that he has prayed with white and black police officers, and while there are rogue cops, most are good people with a hard job.]

So after talking about Mr. Trump and “crooked” Hillary (his words several times, read into it what you want to) Min. Farrakhan spoke at length about the “viper” like sting that “sweet” Hillary possesses. He told the story of his friend Moammar Qaddafi, the former Libyan strongman, who was killed by the Obama administration and Hillary’s State department. He talked about how this revered African leader helped so many countries fight back against Western hegemony and world domination. He told the story of his and Qaddafi’s comradeship.

For me it was the first time I had heard anyone in the Black community in a leadership position talk about Qaddafi and Hillary’s role in his death and destabilization of Libya. Remember it was Qaddafi who called upon civil rights leader Jesse Jackson to release the captured pilot and gave Rev. Jackson world acknowledgment. And we still have not heard from the RainbowPush founder, who will celebrate his 75th birthday in Atlanta this week, about the controversial assassination of Qaddafi.

Essentially, Minister Farrakhan’s speech was one of take care of your own backyard as a voter before you vote for “Satan or Lucifer”. It is at a local level where we can effectively make positive change for our people immediately, he suggested. We have the electoral clout to vote in Mayor’s who take Police Review Boards seriously. We can elect School Boards who are not bought and paid for by Unions. We can elect City Council people who will not move 500 homeless people out of a shelter to build high end condos. We can fight against racially diabolical gentrification. This is in our power today and now and we need to pay more attention to these races to better control and own the communities we live in, is what I learned from his three hour message, The one resonating message I also got from Min Farrakhan’s speech Sunday at the Fox Theatre was “a storm is coming” no matter who wins the November 8th presidential race. Trump winning buys us some time, he suggests. Hillary will bring the storm immediately. As he said, “My teacher, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that if you can buy some days before the storm, you can better prepare for the storm to come”. Read into it what you want.

“A Congressman has three votes to make--Yay, Nay or Abstain; you also have the same three votes to make” Minister Farrakhan opined. “I am not voting for either of these devils. Abstain from Satan or Lucifer.”

In his closing crescendo Farrakhan eloquently expressed: "We have to take over our neighborhoods, we must take over our communities," Farrakhan said. "No more Democrat; no more Republican. Let's set up the Justice or Else party and take control. We must tell elected officials you work for us. And, if you sell out and vote against our interests you will have to answer to us.

"We must police our own communities, we must educate our children," he continued. "As long as we are deprived of justice by rogue police we should refuse to pay taxes. We must here and now make an agonizing reappraisal of our lives."


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